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Josh Edelman

Realtor Lic: S.0195279

Hi! My name is Josh Edelman and I am originally from Pennsylvania. I moved to Las Vegas in 2020 as I am currently an Active Duty Captain in the U.S Air Force. I joined The Rexford Group as a part time REALTOR ® and couldn’t have imagined picking a better team! Real estate is important to me, and living firsthand the military life of constantly moving in and out of cities and deploying, I get it. It can be confusing and stressful for anybody to buy and sell a home. I want to help make that process easy for you!

I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the U.S Air Force Academy in 2017. I have been fortunate to have lived in various states and and traveled all over the world - many places in South America. I speak Spanish and work with many Spanish speakers. Las Vegas has been my favorite city to live in, not because of the entertainment, but because of the family-friendly environment, the communities, and the great people I have met.

Being an officer has taught me how to lead and take care of people. This is what I care about, and this extends to outside of work. From family to personal passions to the home you live in, it is important to me. If you would like help finding or selling a home, please reach out and we will make it happen!

Interesting fact: you can also find me on the dance floor...I am a salsa dancer and instructor in Las Vegas!

Josh Edelman
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